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Intellitrace IronComing Soon!

Intellitrace Iron is a high performing chelate for foliar and fertigation.

The sustainability effect of the product in correcting iron deficiency and facilitating trace metal mobility makes it ideal for horticultural crops and economical for broadacre crops.

Intellitrace Iron is available in …

Intellitrace Iron
Analysis: w/v%
Iron (Fe) 9.0
Foliar Application L/ha* Min. Water Ratio
Lettuce, Brassicas, Carrot, Melons, Potato, Cucumber, Capsicum, Tomato, etc. 1-2
100 L
Citrus, Macadamia, Grapevines, Stone Fruits, Pome Fruits, Pecan & other tree nuts. 1-2 100 L
Wheat, Barley, Canola, Corn, Sorghum, Cotton, Lucerne and Grain Legumes. 0.5-1.0
50 L
Fertigation L/ha* How to Apply
All irrigated crops low in iron 2-4 Inject during latter half of irrigation