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About Unichem

Unichem is an Australian based leader in the supply of high analysis fertilisers and associated chemicals for agriculture.


The business is centred around research, development, manufacturing and sales of solution and suspension liquid products that meet the demands of today’s farming environment.

Our business is managed within the following key areas:

  • Agricultural scientific research and development
  • Liquid Solution and Suspension Manufacturing
  • Product Procurement
  • Infield Sales and Suppor
  • Distribution

Integrated with Australian research, our technical team engages leading plant scientists and chemists to research the latest international data and developments in crop nutrition for the progressive development of the Unichem product range.

Our ISO 9001 Quality Assured manufacturing and central distribution centre ensures all products are produced under a controlled environment to the highest standards.

At Unichem we are known for providing products that are friendly to their environment and economic and efficient in application.

Our company is strongly committed to excellence in all areas of business. Our people are innovative, customer focussed and experts within their chosen field.

Our highest priority is the integrity of our personnel, products, business systems and our partnerships with our clients.

We endeavour to be amongst the best in the world in the delivery of products and services to the agricultural sector.

  • Unichem Pty Ltd
    5 Old Aberdeen Place
    West Perth WA 6005
  • Phone
    +61 (08) 9227 1233
  • Fax
    +61 (08) 9227 1733
  • Email
    1800 800 449